Backup and Snapshot

Each Cloud VPS is assigned an external FTP backup space already included on all plans.

Upon request, it is possible to increase the amount of FTP space for backup.

FTP Backup 10Gb€10,00€1,50€8,00€15,00
FTP Backup 50Gb€10,00€4,00€22,00€40,00
FTP Backup 100Gb€10,00€6,50€35,00€65,00
FTP Backup 500Gb€10,00€15,00€80,00€150,00


With our Snapshot function , you can manually backup your Cloud VPS. You can use snapshots to restore your Cloud VPS to a saved image, use the saved images to create new Cloud CPS or transfer images during a project.
Snapshots are snapshots of your server’s disks.
You can create a new server from a snapshot and also transfer them to another project.
Snapshots cost € 0.03 / month + VAT for each 1GB.


HDD backups are copies of your server that we automatically make to keep your data safe.
There are seven backup slots per server.
If all slots are full and an additional one is created, the oldest backup will be deleted.
Activating backups for your server will cost 25% of the server plan per month.