Depending on the hosting plan chosen, you will have a limited or unlimited number of e-mail boxes and an unlimited number (for all) of aliases / forwards , autoresponders and mailing lists.

Aliases or forwards are “virtual” emails that direct directly to your specific real email account.

You can enable or disable catch-all , a particular option that allows you to also receive mail addressed to your non-existing e-mails.

To receive mail you can use a mail client directly on your computer / smartphone or directly one of the webmail available between Roundcube and Squirrelmail .

Supported: POP3 , IMAP and SMTP with TLS / SSL protocol and to increase the authenticity of the mail, DKIM and DMARC are already configured .

Present ClamAV as antivirus and SpamAssassin , EasySpam and SpamFighter as spam filters.

All configurations can be done independently through the Direct Admin control panel.