SSL EV Verification Process

Extended Validation SSL certificates are the most reliable and verified SSL products. It takes approximately 2-7 business days to pass validation in case all documents are correct and delivered on time. Please be patient, as the process may take some time.

First step – Signing of the agreement

You need to sign the EV subscription contract with a CA and there are few options to complete this step:

Sectigo / GGSSL
The best option is to use a one click link form, where you will sign an agreement using a digital signature, it only takes a few minutes. You should receive the email with the link within a few hours of placing the order.

ALTERNATIVES: Please fill in these two forms and send them to Sectigo:

  1. Certificate request form
  2. EV SSL Subscriber Agreement

Example Certificate request form
Example EV SSL Subscriber Agreement

DigiCert / Thawte / GeoTrust / Symantec
The validation team will send you the agreement during the verification process.

Second step – Validation of the organization

To pass Business / Organization validation, it  may  be necessary to provide some official registration documents to the certification center. Mostly they require a Business License / Incorporation / Registration Application. You can send them by post, fax or e-mail in PDF / JPG format. We strongly suggest using the email method.

Option A (most popular)
No paperwork. The legal existence of the company has been verified through the public government database using the company name or unique identification number (registration number) OR through verified third party public databases such as GLEIF, Duns & Bradstreet, Hoovers, Companies House GOV.UK, Lursoft .lv and others.

Option B (suggested)
Verifying the company with the LEI code only takes minutes / hour, not days and weeks. We strongly suggest using this method.

Option C
The company can be verified using one of the documents such as the Articles of Association, the commercial license issued by the government, the copy of a recent bank statement of the company, the copy of a recent telephone bill of the company, the copy of a recent utility bill. main users of the company (eg electricity bill, water bill, etc.).

Third step – DCV process

DCV (Domain Control Validation) is the verification of the ownership and control of domain names. It is possible to validate the domain through various methods such as validation via email, DNS CNAME and Hash file HTTP / HTTPS.

via email (most popular)
DCV via email is the most traditional method of passing ownership verification. The certification center will send an email to the administrative contact of your domain. The email contains a unique validation code and a link to a certification website to enter the code.

It is possible to use “magic five” e-mail addresses: admin @, administrator @, hostmaster @, webmaster @ and postmaster @. In some cases, WHOIS administrative e-mail can be used; private registration must be disabled.

To validate the domain via DNS CNAME record, you must use the hashes that we extract from the CSR code you send. It takes from 10 minutes and up to 24 hours to validate the domain; it depends on your TTL DNS server.

via Hash file HTTP / HTTPS
Quick and easy method to pass the validation of the domain as it requires you to upload a text file (.txt) with hashes extracted from your CSR code. The file must be accessible from the web. Use the HTTPS method when SSL is already in use and the website is available through HTTPS: //

Fourth step – Recall process

The last step is a recall process. For SSL Extended Validation providers use the manual callback process. The operator will call you and ask to confirm your name and order. To validate the official phone number, you can use any of the options:

Option A
The certification center verifies the phone number via public yellow pages Databases such as, please contact our sales / support managers for a more accurate list of databases and options for your regions.

Option B
Verify numbers via trusted / governmental databases such as Duns & Bradstreet, Hoover OR your local government database if it includes company phone numbers.

Option C
Verified legal opinion or accountant’s letter signed by a notary. The certification center can verify the notary legality.