SSL Warranty

SSL Warranty

The certification authorities provide an additional guarantee for the safety of your online business and for the functioning of the site. Warranty is one of the key elements of a certificate and can be a strong argument when choosing a certificate.

This guarantee is paid to visitors of your site who have relied on the certificate and have suffered losses directly due to an online credit card transaction and an incorrect issuance of an SSL certificate. This guarantee is paid on the residual transaction amount, which does not exceed the maximum transaction value specified for the corresponding certificate type.

VeriSign (Symantec) certificates were the first to offer a $ 1 million guarantee. Today, most major CAs have few products with that level or above, classically they are extended validation certificates.

Fraudulent and phishing websites are growing every day and it is imperative to validate the business.

The CAs carry out careful verification processes to ensure that your company is legal and able to receive OV or EV certificates.

Paying for SSL never guarantees that it will be released, even large companies may not be able to verify the same rules for everyone.