Systems assistance

On all Dedicated Servers and Cloud VPS we offer, already included an annual system support (2nd level) for those who need special configurations outside the basic support.

Besides these interventions it is possible to expand using one of our advanced assistance plans, in this way your server will be managed directly by one of our technicians: updating, installation, configuration and performance control to have your server always online. Ideal for those with few systems knowledge.

Intervento sistemistico 30 minuti€35,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 5 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€275,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 10 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€470,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Pacchetto assistenza 15 ore (blocco 10 minuti)€650,00- - - -- - - -- - - -
Aggiornamento mensile del sistema x server- - - -- - - -- - - -€165,00
Aggiornamento mensile + 20 ore assistenza annue x server- - - -- - - -- - - -€450,00
Aggiornamento mensile + 30 ore assistenza annue x server- - - -- - - -- - - -€600,00

The assistance.

Each of our services always includes 1st level assistance which includes, free of charge:

  • Service monitoring with e-mail or SMS notification.
  • Availability of one of our technicians 24 hours a day by phone and e-mail from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:30.
  • Manual restart of the Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS in case of need.
  • Intervention of a technician in case of error in the automated procedures.
  • Hardware replacement in case of failure.

The 2nd level assistance service includes:

  • All this including 1st level assistance.
  • Systemic interventions on the Dedicated Server or Cloud VPS such as: reinstallation of the operating system, configuration of software on request, antivirus and antimalware scan, verification of the status of the server both at hardware and software level, blacklist scan and other services on request.

The support request can be made through an eMail at, via ticket from the Support management panel or directly by contacting us at the telephone number H24 324.0886694

II level services

Level II assistance can be requested through a single intervention or by using one of our pre-paid plans.

Pre-paid one-off

Each one-off pre-paid plan provides for the recharge of a number of hours which is scaled down from time to time by the duration of the intervention in blocks of 10 minutes, for example: you have 60 minutes of upstream hours, configuration is required of an application or the evaluation of a problematic software, we do the intervention and it takes 17 minutes for which 20 minutes will be deducted from your total hours (2 blocks of 10 minutes); this type of plan does not expire and is purchased one-off, at the end of the number of hours it is necessary to purchase a new number of hours.

It is not necessary to have more than one hour total in the presence of multiple machines, 1 hour total covers all the machines under our management.

Annual pre-paid

The annual prepaid plans provide an annual number of hours, the plans are 3:

Monthly update of the server / cloud : monthly we do a server check and we work for the necessary updates:

  • we check the necessary software updates,
  • the status of the backup,
  • the remaining disk space and the hardware status of the disk,
  • the presence of your IP in the most common blacklists.

Monthly update of the server / cloud + 20-hour assistance : everything included in the monthly update plus a 20-hour mount for system assistance on the server.

Monthly update of the server / cloud + 30-hour assistance : everything included in the monthly update plus a 30-hour mount for system assistance on the server.