Verification process for SSL DV

PI Domain Validation SSL certificates are the fastest issued products we have. In most cases, it only takes 5 minutes to issue SSL once the domain verification is passed. No paperwork is required, all you need is to pass the domain validation check (DCV) through one of the available methods.

First step – DCV process

DCV (Domain Control Validation) is the verification of domain name ownership and control. It is possible to validate the domain through different methods such as email validation, DNS CNAME and Hash HTTP/HTTPS files.

via email (most popular)
DCV via email is the most traditional method to pass the property verification. The certification center will send an email to the administrative contact of your domain. The email contains a unique validation code and a link to a certification website to enter the code.

You can use “magic five” email addresses: admin@, administrator@, hostmaster@, webmaster@ and postmaster@. In some cases, you can use WHOIS administrative e-mail; private registration must be disabled.

To validate the domain via DNS CNAME record, you must use the hashes we extract from the CSR code you send. It takes 10 minutes and up to 24 hours to validate the domain; it depends on your DNS TTL server.

via HTTP/HTTPS hash file
Quick and easy way to pass domain validation as it requires you to upload a text file (.txt) with hashes extracted from your CSR code. The file must be accessible from the web. Use the HTTPS method when SSL is already in use and the website is available via HTTPS://

Second step – CAA Control

As of 8 September 2017, all CAAs (certification authorities) must comply with your CAA policy. The CAA record should allow the CAA to issue SSL for the domain name, otherwise the order would be pending until you update the record. By default, any CA can issue SSL for your domain name if no CAA record is found.

Optional STEP – Manual Control / Brand Validation

In some cases, certification centres may require manual verification if an order does not comply with internal rules. It normally takes approximately 24-48 hours to check, issue or refuse an order in such cases. There are multiple reasons why an order may be frozen for manual verification.